Pens are a Good Marketing Tool

The easiest and one of the most effective ways of  marketing your business is using promotional pens bother metal and plastic. Pens are easily carried around and are used on a daily basis. By using this pen repeatedly, after some time, the consumer will have the name, the logo and the services of your company cemented in his/her mind. What makes this type of advertising even better? Promotional pens are cost effective and budget friendly, which is great for a company that has a limited budget. There are many other marketing tools, but most companies, both big or small usually use promotional pens, because they know it’s a tried and tested option that works successfully!

By giving promotional pens to customers, you also give away a sense of good will. This makes it much more probable that the consumer will be loyal when it comes to using your services as this also shows how companies care for their customers. Pens are also good for brand-building. When someone is carrying around a product with company information, he or she is creating brand awareness. Pens can easily be transported, so it’s easy to send them abroad. They are light, so postage is cheap, making pens ideal to send overseas. Pens make it possible to reach a large number of people which would not be possible if you depend only on word-of-mouth. A person doesn’t necessarily have to own your company’s pen. There is a certain level of our subconsciousness connected to how people react to printed  and marked pens. For example, you can own a company and give some pens to the most visited places in your city. When a potential customer uses your pen multiple times (at the mall, office, dentist, doctor etc), that will most certainly make him or her think of your company.  It is amazing how something so small can have such a vast marketing reach!

How to make sure that your promo pens succeed? Customise your pens: Mark them with your company’s contact details : Telephone numbers, website and email address on the pen, because that is equally important as the services of the company and the logo of the company, to ensure potential consumers are able to contact you. People tend to lose interest if they have to search for a number. So, make sure you make your pens have all the information needed.

Pens are used every day, wherever you go. They are being used at this very moment as they are needed wherever you go.

They are a very effective option of advertising, and they continue to be the most used promotional product. All you have to do is make your pen unique and differentPERSONALISE IT! with all the information needed (don’t forget the phone number and the address where people can reach you if they want). This will ensure you reach more people than you expect and get your name out there cost effectively.

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