Domed Decals and Vinyl stickers

What are Domed Decals?

Domed Decals or domed labels are essentially vinyl stickers or labels that have been printed and are polyurethane coated hence the name Domed. The dome resin coating encapsulates and protects the vinyl sticker with a clear domed resin bubble. This makes domed decals extremely durable.


Full colour Dome Sticker on Craft Beer Dispensing Machine


full colour digital domes pepsi coca cola virgin fanta orange porche ferrari


full colour oval dome stickers


MP3 Player gift box lid domed SA Home Loans

MP3 Gift box with full colour dome sticker


Full Colour Domed decal on Medal with Red Strap2

Gold medal with full colour dome decal

8gig lime swivel usb full colour dome recess logo futurelife

domed decals 1 full colour WEB

full colour dome decals - Bidvest Vericon logo

Disney Domed Decals Full colour


Domed stickers can be used and applied to various material and products

  • Doming gives a three-dimensional appearance to your logo which is striking and eye catching
  • Identification and name Badges
  • Fridge Magnets
  • Corporate Identity Badges
  • General Labels
  • Full colour high quality logos
  • Can be highly customised and manufactured to any size or design your client may have
  • Scratch resistant due to Polyurethane doming
  • Flexible
  • Will not shatter
  • Water Resistance
  • Adheres well to various substrates
  • 3D effect looks professional and is very eye catching
  • UV Stable

Vinyl Stickers

What are Vinyl Stickers?

A vinyl sticker is a sticker that is printed in full colour and is high quality. It has an adhesive backing which can be peeled off and applied to many different products


Yo-Yo’s with full colour vinyl sticker


Cardboard Crayon Case with a full colour vinyl sticker


Wet Wipes Full colour vinyl stickers

Wet Wipes with Full colour Vinyl Stickers


License Disc Holder with a full colour vinyl sticker

Vinyl STICKERS full colour Jacks Paint Easigas Gautrain

full colour viny sticker - clear on orange frisbee

Benefits / Uses:
  • Full colour high quality logos
  • Can be highly customized and manufactured to any size or design your client may have
  • Quick turn around times for those hard to brand items or when a very fast lead time is needed
  • Adheres well to various substrates e.g metal, aluminum, and plastics
  • Wherever a sticker is needed, a vinyl sticker can be used


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