What is the Difference?

Have you often wondered what the difference is?

At the end of the day it probably comes down to the quality as well as the price of the item

Corporate gifts are often used internally and given out to valued and loyal staff in recognition of their achievements, dedication and performance. They are also given to customers to acknowledged and appreciate their support. They are usually of a high value and higher quality.

Corporate gifts should be personalized, high quality and given to particularly valuable employees or long time loyal clients. Even items for example key rings, pens or torches should be of a good quality.

Promotional items are usually cheaper items and taken in vast quantities. Pricing is lower and products are often used for mass distribution  and promotion with the main aim to create awareness to the target market and to build the brand or product.

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"A very BIG and GRATEFUL THANK YOU to you and your entire team for your help on Friday, and for really pulling out all the stops just for me. Thanks Taryn"

"Of all the suppliers I deal with they are by far the nicest, friendliest and coolest bunch. Take care and have a lovely weekend. Kind regards, Lynelle"

"Thank you for the sterling job! They look fantastic! I`m so happy! Kind regards,Gaby "

"Thank you for the great work yesterday. We made it for the client who was leaving and they loved the product. Gary"

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