Why Give Corporate Gifts?

Who doesn’t like receiving a free gift? People enjoy and like free items presented to them. There are many benefits of giving gifts to customers.

Some KEY reasons to giving Gifts are:

  • BRAND AWARENESS – PROMOTING IMAGE / GOODWILL: Corporate Gifts and Promotional products are an extension of your business! Brand awareness is created about your company, logo and its brand. If your company or product is new in a particular sector, and you aim to make your presence felt, then gifting is a good way of attracting a prospects’ attention to your company or product. Promotional items are an excellent way to  to introduce a new product or service to your customers. One of the things that promotional items do extremely well is raise awareness, which is one of the reasons they are often used.
  • NEW PRODUCTS: When launching a new product or service a gift is a nice way of offering something to existing or potential clients.
  • RETAINING BRAND IMAGE: The goal is to keep your company, products or services in your customers mind daily and to enhance your companies image. Items such as writing instruments (pens), desk accessories: pen stands, desk calendars etc all help in reminding clients of your company, products or services every time they make use of them or see the items branded with your details! It can save your customers time as they do not have to search for your details!
  • BRAND LOYALTY: Choosing the correct corporate gifts that are liked and well received by customers, increases the chance of repeat sales of a product or service that falls under the brand name. Gifts remind clients of your generosity every time they use the gift. This builds greater loyalty towards your company, and all its products or services!
  • ATTRACTING AND RETAINING CUSTOMERS: Giving gifts to existing clients assist with retaining them. Similarly, new clients can be attracted towards your company, products or services  by giving them something. Gifting can have a profound impact on the recipient. Carefully selecting gifts is an excellent way of expressing appreciation and promoting your business  – creating a LINK between you and your customers! Many resources confirm that on average, new customers who receive promotional products, return sooner and more frequently, and spend more money.
  • REWARDING AND ENHANCING EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE – INTERNAL FACTORS: branding is achieved by giving gifts to staff within an organization, acknowledging performance and productivity. This helps bring about a sense of  common identity, building morale and ultimately increasing productivity in the company.
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